Participant Information Sheet

Encampment 2017

Dec. 2nd  – Dec. 3rd

“A Time for Change”

 Participant Information Sheet

[Call (208) 232-0178 to register]

Safety Issues

All participants must attend the mandatory Winter Survival Skills and Health Safety Training on Saturday Dec. 3rd  at the noon lunch or afternoon session.  Instructions will be given on building a warm and safe cardboard shelter, how to identify frostbite and hypothermia and proper clothing for the evening and for sleeping Saturday night.  You will gain knowledge and learn helpful tips that may someday be invaluable.

Because SAFETY is the first priority of the Encampment Project, here is a list of equipment that participants need to have with them

At a minimum, people need to bring:

  • 2 wool hats, or a wool hat and jacket with hood.
  • Mittens or gloves
  • 2 pairs of wool or thermal socks
  • Heavy duty, cold weather sleeping bag
  • Ground insulating sleeping pad
  • Wool or water-resistant pants, shirts, blankets

But this is just the minimum required equipment people need to have.  People are welcome to bring any additional equipment they want to have to be safe including a tarp to cover the cardboard shelter.

Important note
The following are NOT allowed in or within 25 feet of boxes:

  • Any heating appliances
  • Smoking/vaping
  • Electrical cords

It is important that the participants view this event as an opportunity to better understand what it’s like to be homeless in cold weather but do not feel pressured into an “heroic” mindset.  Anyone is welcome to join the event for a hour or so, perhaps in the afternoon, just to see what the encampment looks like, but do not attempt staying the evening if you are feeling ill or have a medical condition that could put you at risk (diabetics, heart condition, decreased sensation in their fingers and toes).

How to Secure Pledges – it’s Easier than You Think!

  1. Make a personal Pledge Goal, and indicate what amount you hope to raise in the Pledge Goal box on the Pledge Sheet.
  1. START NOW to get as many sponsors as you can. There is no limit.  Extra pledge forms are available.
  1. Explain the Event and ask if they would like to spend the night out in Caldwell Park. If they are not interested in participating, simply ask if they would be willing to sponsor you.  You’d be surprised how quickly they will be to support YOU as long as they don’t have to sleep in the cold, winter night.
  1. Remind them that they are making a commitment to you and to the homeless that Aid For Friends assist.
  1. If they want to know how much to donate, suggest they consider what it would cost them to stay 1 night in a hotel. Accept whatever amount they are offering.  Every pledge will help you meet your personal goal and every donation helps Aid For Friends.
  1. CHECKS should be made out to: Aid For Friends. Please write “Encampment” on the Memo line. All Donations are fully tax-deductible.
  1. Take the money you collect from your sponsors and drop it off at 210 E. Center, Ste. A, or mail it to Aid for Friends, PO Box 4233, Pocatello, ID 83205. Please turn in the form with your pledges to the Aid for Friends office for tracking purposes
  1. The DEADLINE to turn in your pledges is December 8, 2017. THANK YOU for helping Aid for Friends!

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