How Can I Help?

  1. Monetary Support – Give A Donation Every Month or Once a Year

    Financial contributions enable Aid For Friends to continue providing safe shelter to families and individuals by staffing the shelter with qualified employees, providing social services and offering products to meet the basic needs of clients. Checks or money orders may be sent to:

    Aid For Friends
    P.O. Box 4233
    Pocatello, ID 83205

    You may also send in a donation using a credit or debit card via Paypal (no account required) anytime by clicking the button below:

    If you have a Paypal account, you may donate via the Giving Fund. This is a special Paypal charity account in which 100% of the donated funds will go straight to Aid for Friends, with no fees deducted before disbursement. Visit to donate to the Giving Fund.

    Please visit our Events and Fundraisers page for additional donation opportunities.

    Aid For Friends is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization; donations may be tax-deductible.

  2. Collect Household Items for “Start-Up” Kits

    Individuals and families moving out of the Shelter into their own home need assistance and a “Start-Up” kit will give them a boost. The kits could include mops, brooms, sponges and rags, cleaning supplies, dishes, pots, pans, small appliances, cooking and food supplies, linens, and towels.

  3. Prepare Dinner – or – Deliver Leftover Food from a Catered Event

    It is best to first call the Emergency Shelter to make arrangements for a specific night. This will allow the staff to schedule the weekly meal menu. You may also click here to sign up for a meal via SignUp Genius.

  4. Volunteer for Improvement Projects for the Emergency Shelter

    There are outdoors projects like painting the fence, planting flowers and pulling weeds. Projects indoors include “Adopt A Room” which may be any room in the Shelter; bedrooms, living room, kitchen, food pantries, hallways and bathrooms. You can add that special touch with curtains, paint, comforter, lamp or nightstand.

  5. Donate clothing

    Whenever you donate used clothing, please ensure that the items are clean, free of stains and need no mending.

  6. Learn About Homelessness and Educate Others
    Recognize that homeless people are not all the same. The homeless are as diverse as the colors of a rainbow. There is no one cause for homelessness but it is the result of many different factors and situations. Aid For Friends offers a second chance in life.
  7. Organize A Fundraising Event

    As a group project, you can plan a fundraiser such as a bake sale, neighborhood garage sale, car wash, spaghetti dinner; the list goes on and on. The proceeds earned can be given to Aid For Friends. Contact Aid For Friends, before planning the event to help with public relations and input.

  8. Donate Food, Cleaning Supplies, Housing Needs, Personal Hygiene Items for Adults and Children
    Ideas include:
    Meat, dairy products, cooking supplies, canned meats and vegetables and dry goods
    Laundry Soap, Dish Soap, Floor Cleaner, Bathroom Cleaning Supplies
    Bath Towels, Hand Towels, Wash Cloths, Sheets and Pillow Cases, Pillows, Blankets
    Toothpaste & Toothbrushes, Deodorant, Bath Soap, Combs & Brushes, Feminine Hygiene Items Diapers & Disposable Baby Wipes

    Current shelter needs

    Cleaning Supplies
    Laundry soap
    Fabric Softener
    Lysol spray
    SOS pads
    Scouring sponges

    Large (33-gal) and small (8-gal) trash bags
    Gallon-size freezer bags
    Paper towels

    Hygiene Supplies
    Toilet paper
    Body Wash
    Razors (men and women)
    Deodorant (men and women)

    Large size (5) diapers
    Any size pull-ups for children
    Diaper wipes

    Gently used clothing, especially for men
    Shoes and work boots
    Black and khaki work pants, for men and women

    Office Supplies
    Copy Paper
    60W (or equivalent) light bulbs

    Items may be dropped off directly at the emergency shelter, at 653 S. 4th Avenue. Call (208) 232-5669 for further information.